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Founder - Gurugedara Grantha Kendraya

Fully fledged writers and poets adorned the Disapamok Era of India There may be such literate men even today.There will be in future too. How ever It is sad to say that there’s no opportunity for the new poets lyricists, short story writers or novelists to show their aptitudes within the teaching learning process of today.

“ Gurugedara Grantha Kendraya” formed by several fore sighted Modern Teacher writers has opened a new avenue for publication of books.

The award winner Mr. Indika Sanjeewa Withana the development Officer of Horana Teacher Center made a statement regarding the steps taken recently to encourage teacher writers and to promote the publication of books of good quality to attract readers. He stated thus “ The basic aim of the Gurugedara is to get teachers and students to contribute more and more in the field of writing.

Another aim of Gurugedara is to promote  the ability  of teachers and students in the field of writing . Thus  their enthusiasm and  interest  in  literature will  be increased. The pool of writers of  Gurugedara are bound to do genuie work and create great piece of writing  like those of Munidasa Kumarathunga, Sri Gunasinghe, Mahagama sekara, Gunadasa Liyanage and Sarathchndra Jayakodi who were teachers themselves.

The Gurugedara has published Children’s stories, Short stories, Novels and Educational books containing the writings of teachers and students who had inborn talents. It has paved the way for those who were unable to publish t heir books to make thir dreams come true. This had been possible due to the genuine efforts of the teachers who formed the Gurugedara. “ Gurugedara poth Mangallaya” has been organized annually to introduce the new writers and pay due respect to them. We feel we are bound to help them as we weare receivers of free education.

He expressed his ideas about the future plans of Gurugedara thus “ We hope to publish volumes of short stories and poems separately . There will be a publication of poems written by students. We hope to conduct workshops for student writers and give them a helping hand to publish their writings. We hope to strengthen the talents of the teacher writers too.

The publications of the Ministry of Education and the Publications of National Library and Documentation Service Board are distributed among student generation. But this task is a difficult one. To suppress this challenge the Co-Operation of the wise readers and critics among journalists is very essential.”

Indika Sanjeewa Vithana

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